About us
6° is the angle between the sun and horizon at golden hour-- known for being the most coveted moment of light when filmmakers have historically crafted their most iconic work. As fleeting as it is, this magic hour sets the standard for our work – and we exist within it. The sun always sets but film gives us the chance to immortalize a moment and a story, 24 frames at a time.

We don’t need to tell you who we are, or why we are here – as a company, 6DEGREES caters to the next generation of film-making. Our goal is to foster the creative minds behind what we believe to be the intersection of passion and imagination. We are a solution based creative hub; with us the extra mile is the expectation. Built off nothing but a love for the game we maxed out credit cards, quit our jobs, and started a company. For creatives by creatives; we are 6DEGREES FILMS.
We asked our producers to share 3 words to describe our company:

PARTNER / EP: Geremiah Edness
Resilient, satellite, prolific

PARTNER / EP: griffin di stefano
Major, attentive, grit

PARTNER / EP: Patrick Koitzsch
Community, versatile, inspired

Senior Producer: David Puczkowski
Beyond, clean, scrappy

Producer: Pietro Arredondo
Innovative, dedicated, trail-blazers

Associate Producer: Evy Brain
Inclusive, light-hearted, determined

Associate Producer: Dorcas Thete