About us
6DEGREES is the angle between the sun and horizon at golden hour. The name, born out of necessity, represents the beginning of the company. Picture us running around the desert shooting music videos for our friends relying on golden hour for lighting. We’ve come a long way since then but our mission remains unchanged; telling authentic stories that make you feel. With film as our foundation we’ve brought our passion for story to experiential design, through global marketing campaigns and interactive media.
We asked our producers to share 3 words to describe our company:

PARTNER / EP: Geremiah Edness
Resilient, satellite, prolific

PARTNER / EP: griffin di stefano
Major, attentive, grit

PARTNER / EP: Patrick Koitzsch
Community, versatile, inspired

Senior Producer: David Puczkowski
Beyond, clean, scrappy

Producer: Pietro Arredondo
Innovative, dedicated, trail-blazers

Associate Producer: Evy Brain
Inclusive, light-hearted, determined

Associate Producer: Dorcas Thete